Once again we are gathered here to be one-on-one with our artistes. I am your girl Shani and this column is all aboutRichie Loop today. Although not a stranger to the music industry, Richie Loop is a new performing artiste who has seemingly over taken Jamaica overnight with his hit single MY CUPP. My Cupp has been a blasting the radio waves and has been enjoying success on both local and international charts. OutARoad had to get up close and personal with him to see how he feels about his current success as well as his plans for the future.
Setting: In the studio of Scikron Entertainment/Big Yard Music Label

OutARoad: What’s your real name?
Richie Loop: Richard Raquish Webb

OutARoad: How old are you?
Richie Loop: 23 years old.

OutARoad: What got you started in the business?
Richie Loop: I started out a dancer, however after watching some friends making beats, I decided to try, so eventually I started producing and writing..and today I am an artist/producer.

OutARoad: Which song do you think gave you that big break and had RICHIE LOOP on every body’s lips?
Richie Loop: Well I had two singles on the Scikron Entertainment out called ‘She wants it good’ on the Brainstorm Riddim, and ‘Gal Whine’ on the ‘Sweat Shop Riddim,’ however it was my first single ‘My Cupp’ that garnered me local and international spotlight.

OutARoad: With that said, how long have you been in the business?
Richie Loop: Well I have been doing music for seven years as composer /producer, however I have professionally been pursuing music for three years.

OutARoad: If you were not RICHIE LOOP and was just RICHARD WEBB, what would you be doing?
Richie Loop: I think I would be designing cars, it was my dream to ….so I think I would be an Automotive designer.

OutARoad: Were you a bookworm in school?
Richie Loop: No I wasn’t. Even though my high school alias was nerd, it had nothing to with my intellectual exploits, but the fact that I was different and focused on other things than most.

OutARoad: Lol lol… Any regrets?
Richie Loop: No … because I was one of the most popular pupil and coolest nerd at Clarendon College. I was a ‘ladies man,’ but for the Nerds out there, just be who you are and be confident with it.

OutARoad: What’s your advice to young artistes out there?
Richie Loop: Work hard, find somebody that believes in you, never stop and strive for success, despite any challenges you may face.

OutARoad: What do you dislike about the music business?
Richie Loop: What I dislike most is that its hard for most artistes to get the break they truly want. I was a producer before becoming an artist and I have worked with lots of young artistes, I know how difficult it is for them to get where I am today, especially if the don’t have the financial backing to market and promote their singles.

OutARoad: What’s your take on the ungrateful persons?
Richie Loop: A person shouldn’t be ungrateful no matter what, we have so much to be grateful for; life, family and friends……So I will not want to surround my self with individuals who are, and for persons who I know are, I try to keep contact at minimum.

OutARoad: What’s your philosophy?
Richie Loop: Well to be honest I never really had a philosophy in life, but one guiding factor or phrase I have come to appreciate and believe is that, “Once their is a will their is a way.”