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Artist: Compilation Albums
Title: Brain Storm Riddim
Label: Scikron Entertainment Group/Big Yard Music
Date: 2009-12-11

Produced By:

Richard ‘RichieLoop’ Webb and Robert Livingston


   Scikron Entertainment / Big Yard Music Group, has poised itself with what is gearing up to be, one the hottest projects to hit the airwaves this season.
     The project Brain Storm is produced by the newest name, and face to hit the streets Richard ‘RichieLoop' Webb, along side veteran producer Robert Livingston for Scikron Entertainment. Brain Storm has tongues wagging at the presentation of such high levels diversity, culture, topics and range the riddim captures as well as the lyrical offerings present on the juggling. So intriguing, has the riddim proven to be that for the very first time 11 artist are featured on one juggling, by Big Yard.
     Brain Storm can be described as an intense exposure into society, love, and more so issue such as, dating and child care which are common within relationships.
 Brain Storm show cases the vocal mastermind and abilities of producer Richie Loops with WANTS IT GOOd, Christopher Martin (NUH fit mi), D-Lynx (QUESTION), which is counteracted by Cecile’s (ansa).BRain Storm also features Voicemail (CALL ME), Tony Matterhorn ft. Macka Diamond (Fantasy), Cutty Ranks (lastic & coil), D-Major (SO SMOOTH), Ice Man (OOH LORD), Red Fox ( roll out), as well as  new sultry singer Rae Tay  with her debut single called Revenge.
       The musical offerings of Brain Storm promises to be one in which every avenue of music and music lovers, from radio, TV, clubs and social events. They will not only find themselves laughing at the topics and lyrical content, but rocking and singing every chance they get, as the rhymes are not only infectious, but simply unforgettable.

Track listing:
1. Want It Good - RichieLoop
2. Nuh Fit Mi - Christopher Martin
3. Question - D-lynx
4. Ansa - CeCile
5. Call Me - Voice Mail
6. Fantasy - Macka Diamond feat Tony Matterhorn
7. Lastic & Coil - Cutty Ranks
8. So Smooth - D-Major
9. Ooh Lord - Ice Man
10. Roll Out - Red Fox
11. Revenge - Rae Tay